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About Me

Hello beautiful! I'm Dawn.
If healthy hair is a priority to you like it is for me, and you'd like a gorgeous easy to easy-to-maintain style....then I'm your girl!


I've known since 3rd grade that I wanted to be a hair stylist. What I didn't realize at that young age was how rewarding this career would be. I've learned through my many years of mission work that I'm my happiest when I am making people feel good about themselves. Giving you a great experience along with the best cut and color is no acception. Making you look AND feel amazing only adds fuel to my fire. 

A photo of myself

I worked at Aristocut Salon for the past 28+ years, until I recently opened my own home studio. It truly is my happy place. I specialize in all things blonde, love dimensional reds and brunettes, and can't resist the fun vivid rainbow colors! I am recently certified in Babe Tape-In Extensions. Ask me about this amazing new service I'm offering! 

a photo of Dawn Sweebe myself

I'm kind of an education junky and love to travel. In fact, you'll catch me running off to Guatemala at least once a year, if not more to spend time with my family that I've adopted through mission trips. I always take my scissors along to bless the people with hair cuts free of charge to them. It's my way to share the love.
You might not recognize me outside of the salon in leather riding my motorcycle or sporting my most intimidating eye makeup as I take the track with my fellow roller derby sisters, but I'm really just your everyday Jesus loving mom of boys, who loves to bake and cook for her family. I enjoy camping and bonfires in the summer and Hallmark movies snuggled up to my hubby with a blanket in the winter. 

If any of this resonates with you and you aren't afraid of a little beautiful crazy, then let's get something booked and have fun together. I can't wait to meet you!

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